Friday, October 27, 2006


I started working on a new ACEO using Suellen Ross' technique of laying down the ink first, followed by watercolor, and then colored pencils. I'm not at all happy about it. It's too nitpicky! And then when I went over it with the colored pencils, that covered up the ink, so I'm going over with a final layer of ink, which doesn't go over colored pencils very well.

I think I'll just go back to ink followed with a watercolor wash. Anyway, here's the aceo partially finished.

I treated myself to a day of my own Tuesday. I had to go to the doctor for a followup on medication (new happy pills just aren't working), so afterwards I went down to the cities, stopped at Dick Blick & bought $150 worth of watercolors and pen nibs, then went to the zoo & took pictures. It wasn't too bad after all the school kids left; it was rather noisy until then. I got some drawable pictures of a camel and tiger, and some cute ones of prairie dogs. There's some nice texture in the prairie dog pics, with all the rocks.

The studio is progressing slowly. The boys got one end paneled, and the wall between the studio & foyer built. I'm making Dutch doors for that wall. I got the plywood cut out for the lower one and got a couple of the quarter inch plywood pieces glued onto it. Tonight I'll try to get more cut & glued on. And hopefully, this weekend they'll be back up to get the skylight put it. That will make a BIG difference in there; that and the ceiling fans.