Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tom Brokaw put it very well when he tweeted “It is not enough to talk about access to guns. We also have to address a popular culture that treats graphic violence as routine.”

Monday, December 10, 2012

Well, winter is here! Yesterday we had well over a foot of snow, half of what we got the whole winter last year. We really needed it. My grand-nephew has had an unexpected (for him and his dad) vacation. They came up Saturday to put the snowblower on my lawn tractor, and Scottie stayed overnight, with Scott expecting to come up Sunday to pick him up. The roads were too bad yesterday to get out of the city, and the same again today. So Scottie has had two days of snowmobiling instead of school, poor boy. Since we’re all plowed out now, Christian is going to run him down to the cities tomorrow.

The birds certainly knew that they needed to get filled up while they could. Sunday they were all flocking to the feeder.



Today was a lovely day (since I didn’t have to drive in it). It was a bit nippy, 5° this a.m., but there was no wind at all. Very nice! Here’s Dexter, our bull, waiting for lunch.


Those are 80’ trees back there, just covered with snow. Gorgeous.


And Suka and Pyr are just loving the weather.


Sadly, I may be having to give up lampworking, or at least seriously cutting down. I have arthritis in my neck, and it’s been pretty bad the past year, and between backaches and headaches, I was spending more and more time in bed. That’s no way to live! I’ve been prescribed several different medications, but they haven’t helped, and it seems like the doctor is at a standstill. The only thing that works is narcotics, and he won’t prescribe any more of them, so now I’m going to physical therapy. It’s helped the headaches a tiny bit, but not the backaches.

But as I said, spending half my day in bed is frustrating, so I decided I needed to find something to do in the recliner. I used to quilt, so I decided to try that again. I bought this wolf fabric years ago with my sister in mind, so I dug it out and have been appliquéing morning glories on it. The good thing about it is that I’ve been catching up on old movies and videos that I haven’t had a chance to watch. I’m halfway through Lord of the Rings, and I just might tackle eight seasons of NCIS.