Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have been struggling the last several weeks, getting weepier and weepier, with stomaches and overwhelming fatigue. The stomach aches and fatigue are nothing new (my afternoon nap is my best friend), and had thought about going to the doctor (again) about it, but with the cost of a doctor’s visit being what it is, I just kept putting it off. Ironically, with David gone, our financial situation has improved, so last Friday I went in. I was also seeing a different doctor, which helped my frame of mind. The last time I saw my old doctor, complaining about the stomach aches and fatigue, he prescribed anti-depressants and told me I was having panic attacks, and patted me on the back and told me I was a strong woman and would get through it all. That was a lot of help.

They did an EKG because my heart has been leaping (came back normal) and blood tests to rule out any physical cause (came back normal), so it’s back to depression. He upped my medication and prescribed medicine for my stomach and gave me a referral to talk to a counselor.

This is the first time in a couple of years that I haven’t had a stomachache, and I have to say, it sure does feel good. I haven’t been in to see a counselor yet, just waiting for the referral to go through. If it helps, I will do whatever I have to. I do not like living like this, and it’s not fair to my boys to have to put up with this.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to get out and soak up some sun and get some vitamin D. I’m expanding my front flower bed and have been hauling manure from the barn and dumping it in there. Between that and Roundup, that should kill off the quackgrass. My lilies are coming up, and I have daffodils and tulips blooming. This is absolutely the best time of the year, before the hot weather and mosquitoes and black gnats start.

I have photos to show off. Here’s a gorgeous amaryllis blooming:
If you don’t like funny pet photos, skip this next batch.
How can that cat sleep like that?!?
OK, my ferrets like to sleep in a small pet carrier, all jammed in. What the heck? An orange tail?
Ah, hah! Peaches again.
My ferrets make me laugh. They are just a joy to have and to watch.
Another what the heck?! and run and grab the camera,

Goofy little babies!

And now some favorite beads I’ve made the past month,