Saturday, December 04, 2010

My little family, Peaches keeping Squeak’s butt warm, along with S.C. (Scaredy Cat).
 My mornings start with coffee and news, and Pip keeping cozy wedged in behind me on my chair,
 Our family has increased. We’ve adopted a rescue puppy, a Husky mix. He got here this afternoon, and he is so small, only as big as Pip, and cuddly. It’s like cuddling up to thick polar fleece. We’ve renamed him Suka, Inuit for ‘fast.’
Look at those big puppy paws!

And here he is being introduced to the ferrets:
 So far, the ferrets are the only ones who want to play with him.
Here’s a video of him trying to play with BB,

Love this photo,

And he's so tired now,

Friday, December 03, 2010

That was truly disgusting! Giving Daisy May a shot wasn’t bad, actually getting the medicine in the syringe took longer than actually giving her the shot. Cleaning the abscess was YUCK, YUCK! Had to break off the scab and stick my finger in the hole to open it and then push the syringe (no needle) with the iodine in and squirt it in, and then try to hold the hole shut and push the iodine around inside. Several times. Ick, ick, ick!!!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It’s been a trying few days. The thermostat in Lukas’ toilet seat (it’s a wash & dry seat) went out again, so it needs to be sent in to get it fixed. The garage door opener quit working. The boys couldn’t get the snowthrower attachment put on the lawn tractor, so I had to call Sears, and they’re not going to be out until next week. Daisy May, the heifer calf that was born last May, had a big (football size) lump hanging from her tummy, so I was thinking she had a hernia and was going to have to have surgery (which at this time of the year is dicey). We had a snowstorm and Christian got the truck stuck when he tried taking the garbage out, the Ford 8N wouldn’t start so I couldn’t get the driveway cleared. And I’m trying to adopt a husky puppy, but the problem is that he’s in a foster home over by the South Dakota border, and the weather and other circumstances keeps getting things put off (hopefully he’ll be coming Friday).


Well, the good news is that the truck is unstuck, the driveway is plowed, and Daisy May doesn’t have a hernia, she has an abscess. The vet opened it, flushed it out and gave her a shot of antibiotics. I have to give her a shot Friday and Sunday (EEEEEKKK, I HATE needles!!!!) and I have to run to town tomorrow and pick up some iodine solution. We have to flush it out daily for the next 7-10 days. Oh joy! Well, at least while the vet was here, he castrated Strip. LOL, he asked if I wanted the testicles! I said no thanks, so he gave them to the chickens, who really enjoyed them. Gross! People actually eat those things?!? Yup, Rocky Mountain Oysters.

I had a good month with my beads, and thanks to a couple of very good customers, I was able to buy a new camera, a Canon Rebel with a macro lens and a telephoto lens (Amazon was running a really good deal, the $200 telephoto lens cost me about $20 after the instant rebate). Of course, the first photos I took were of animals. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go out and take a photo of Daisy May with her football belly. :)