Saturday, December 04, 2010

My little family, Peaches keeping Squeak’s butt warm, along with S.C. (Scaredy Cat).
 My mornings start with coffee and news, and Pip keeping cozy wedged in behind me on my chair,
 Our family has increased. We’ve adopted a rescue puppy, a Husky mix. He got here this afternoon, and he is so small, only as big as Pip, and cuddly. It’s like cuddling up to thick polar fleece. We’ve renamed him Suka, Inuit for ‘fast.’
Look at those big puppy paws!

And here he is being introduced to the ferrets:
 So far, the ferrets are the only ones who want to play with him.
Here’s a video of him trying to play with BB,

Love this photo,

And he's so tired now,

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