Saturday, March 07, 2015

I took the dogs and went for a walk today. If it weren’t for the wind, it would be downright tropical! It’s 38° and sunny, and the snow is melting.

I do believe Gertrude is starting to bag up, so I’m quite happy that we’re heading into spring and warmer days.


Kabob is growing, and as with all babies, he’s quite cute. Just look at those lashes!


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Now I wonder how they figured out the time span people spent in purgatory, that they could take 20 days off the sentence. And what happened to a person who was supposed to spend 19 days in purgatory? Did he/she get an extra special day in heaven?

No wonder the Catholic church made it illegal to own a Bible in any language except Latin, which was a dead language no one spoke except those educated by the church; they didn’t want people to be able to read it and see that their church doctrines weren’t from the Bible.

A grave discovered near the skeleton of Richard III, could belong to a mysterious woman who was so revered by the church that those who prayed for her were promised ’20 days off purgatory.’

Got to have some humor after that,
And now I’m off to get the Bobcat warmed up to get the driveway plowed out. I am SOOOOOO glad it has a heated cab!!

ETA: Where DO they (St. Paul Pioneer Press) hire their reporters from? A grade school from Florida?
Rare winter storm leaves 1 dead amid scores of crashes

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I can’t be too discourage by the snow, cold and wind, since it’s forecast to be 39° by Friday. Spring is on the way!!!

I have amaryllis starting to bloom,
I really like this one (Bogata) and hope it starts to multiply,
The calf is growing well and isn’t bothered too much by the snow and cold. He quite enjoyed being let out with the other cows, as you can see from the video.

That’s the bull he slid into at the end. MSN laughing And just as a reminder not to get too attached to him, we named him Kabob (as in shish kabob).

I got a new shipment of glass in, and I’m going to do some torching today.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Watching the news tonight, there’s a right-to-work debate in Wisconsin about mandatory dues for unions. One woman said, “It is inexcusable that any American should have money taken out of their paycheck to be given to anything that they don’t agree with.”

Am I so critical? I find that statement absurd!! So if I don’t believe in Social Security, I shouldn’t have SS taxes taken out of my paycheck (if I still worked, that is), or maybe I don’t agree that I need health insurance, so I shouldn’t have health insurance premiums taken out?

I need a laugh after that.



and with a snowstorm coming tomorrow, my sentiments exactly!