Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Minnesota in March, snow again. Oh, wait a minute! It’s the end of April!!

Can you tell that I’m tired of winter?

Well, our Internet outages have been solved. They had done something with the DNS numbers, so changing them has worked with the outages. We’re still only getting half the speed we’re paying for, but I need to work up my resolve to tackle their customer service system again.

I am going to try something new in my garden this year. We have pocket gophers, and they manage to eat most of the potatoes, so for the past few years I’ve been growing potatoes in my old water tanks. But this year I got some hardware mesh and am going to lay that down on the ground and put logs on both sides to hold it down, then fill it with dirt, lay the seed potatoes on the dirt and cover them with hay. That should keep the gophers out, and hopefully make it easier to harvest them (I hope) this fall. Sigh, waiting for a warm day to work in the garden.

Suka is SO bad! You wouldn’t guess just a minute ago he was picking on Squeak, trying to chew on her leg. He looks so innocent.

Tonight my assignment is to get more beads cleaned, and I’m going to pull out my coring tools and give that a try again.