Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My personal opinion, this country is in such a mess partly because of this greedy attitude,

Analysts Disappointed in Apple’s $8.2 Billion Q4 2012 Profit


$8.2 billion dollars profit, and they’re disappointed?!?

Monday, October 29, 2012

It’s a meanderings post today. The other day we had a mixture of rain and snow for a bit, and both Suka and Pyr were loving the cool weather. The only problem? Pyr, with that long heavy coat of his, just soaked up all the wet sand.
But after he got all dried out, Christian and he relaxed in the recliner,
My nephew has bought his daughter and her new baby up. She’s a little doll, and here’s Scottie helping with her,
Speaking of Scottie, he and a couple of the other kids were out in back digging a hole, or so I thought. Here’s a part of what they actually did, two deep holes with a tunnel connecting them. I am so glad that Christian was out back and saw that. The tunnel is collapsed now, after a little lecture to the kids on how dangerous it was.
I’ve been doing some experimenting with my beads, and trying to paint kanji symbols with enamels and silver paste. This one turned out rather nicely,
And I finally finished with my percheron drawing!! Note to self: NO MORE BLACK HORSES!!!!