Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Christian took Suka to the vet today to get his shots. Suka is 5 months old now, and weighs 50 lbs. He is such a wuss! Christian said when the vet was listening to Suka’s heart, Suka put a paw on Christian’s lap, then his other paw, then he jumped up on Christian’s lap. And then when they did his nails, he piddled! What a baby! Here’s a photo with Christian (yes, I know my son looks like a lumberjack. He’s waiting until it warms up, then he’ll shave it all off and get a haircut).

He’s grown so fast! Here’s a photo of when we first got him,
Last night he was on the bed with me while I was reading, and Christian came and was wrestling around with him. Suka wagged his tail, and it thumped against the pillow, and he stopped and looked at his tail, like ‘what’s making that noise?’ Hilarious!!

Yesterday morning Peaches, the cat, must have been trying to get in through the doggy door while Suka was outside. I was sitting in my studio, and I heard her screeching, then she scrambled through the doggie door with Suka after her. She jumped over the half door of my studio, Suka banged into it (it’s has a screen door spring to keep it shut so the ferrets can’t get out), the door slammed into my cabinet, and I was thinking ‘that door is going to slam shut and wake Lukas up.’ Well, Peaches turned around and ran back through the door, and it slammed shut on her tail. Well, at least it didn’t make as much noise that way. Poor cat.

This is video of Suka playing with BB, the ferret.

I started some peppers and tomatoes, and have been dreaming of spring and warm sunshine, and no coats or shoes (I’m just a hippie at heart, hate to wear shoes). We have a snowstorm moving in tonight, but at least we won’t be getting the foot of snow that they were forecasting earlier.