Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My amaryllis are starting to fade, so I’m posting photos of them still in their full glory,
I’ve been trying to get some cleaning done, and ran across an old photo of Lukas. He was such a cute kid!
And here he is all grown up,
My Suka is such a big goofball! Here he is laying on the recliner,
He must be all tuckered out from being chased by the bull yesterday. We took him out to do chores last night and he started chasing one of the twins. The calf was running and bawling for mama, who was totally immersed in her food bucket. Dex’s instincts kicked in though, and he took after Suka. It was quite funny, watching him chasing Suka, and tagging along was Roast, the 6 mo. old steer. Suka ran out of the pen, the twin came back to the herd, Dex went back to his feed, and mama never batted an eye during the whole ordeal.