Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OK, I have officially given up on redoing my website. Freeway Pro is not a program that is easy for me to learn. So it’s back to generic webpages, but at least they’ll be webpages that work.

Lots of hoarfrost today. If the sun had come out, I would have gone out and taken photos, but without the sun it was just another cold dreary winter day.

So to lighten it up, here’s more stupid pet photos. Tiger making good use of the exercise bike again,
And here’s Squeak and Peaches playing. It really gets funny when Peaches, the cat, starts chasing Squeak, the dog.

Funny story: Peaches is a good size cat now, about 3-4 times as big as Fang, the ferret. The other morning Fang was feeling pretty wild, and Peaches was in the studio sauntering along, so Fang came up between her hind legs. So what does Peaches do (besides switching her tail)? Instead of running and getting out of the studio, she lays down! Well, of course, Fang can’t pass that up, so right away she’s on Peaches getting a grip on the back of Peaches’ neck, which just paralyzes her. So I had to pry Fang off of Peaches so she could make a get-away.

And here’s a photo of the wild turkeys that were in the yard,