Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meanderings tonight…

I wonder if they know that disposable diapers are a fairly recent development, and I wonder if there are any store that even sell cloth diapers any more. But then, when my kids were babies, I bought yards of flannel and made my own cloth diapers. 

My Peruvian daffodils were blooming, and they make for such a pretty striking flower,
I’ve had a pair of Sandhill cranes in my pasture for the past week, and they’ve been upsetting the dogs with their calls. I love to listen to them.
I’ve been getting the jewelry bug lately. It’s been years since I made jewelry, and I have bins and bins of supplies, so I thought I would get everything out and give it a try again. My wire wrapping skills have suffered, but I’m getting the hang of it again. Here are some pairs that I have in my Etsy shop,

and some of my latest beads too,
I had to place an order with Double Helix, since they just released a bunch of new test batches of silver glass. I’m going to have fun playing with them!