Saturday, October 24, 2015

All summer my chickens have been trying to get to my bird feeders, and finally today one made it, not that it did any good.

Friday, October 23, 2015

An update on our horse, Beauty. Somewhere along the line of auction barns she was in, she got a torn vulva. I had the vet come out and look at it and check her out for any other problems. She checked out fine, the vet estimates she’s in her late teens and weighs around 1300 lbs. Ingrid, the vet, cleaned out the wound and I made an appt. for today for her to come out, clean it again and sew it up.

I’ve never had a draft breed before, and am amazed at the temperament of this horse. She’s been spooked a couple of times, and instead of rearing and shying and running away, she snorts and walks fast. The vet gave her a sedative and then shot a blocker into her vulva, and a couple of times, Beauty tucked her butt in and lifted a back foot, and that was it. I’m glad that’s over, and hopefully the old girl will heal up quickly. In two weeks we have to cut and pull the stitches out.

Some pictures of my nephew and her,
You don’t get the full sense of how huge she is until you’re standing next to her.

Scott was scratching her, and she was almost falling asleep. Cute!
My flowers are all gone now, and the bird migration is about done. The sandhill cranes are all gone.
Some levity,