Monday, May 14, 2012

Sigh, summer is here, it was 86° a bit earlier. I hate summer (and winter) as much as I love spring, with its warm days and cool, brisk nights. Heat and I just do not get along any more.
No bead photos today, but lots of everything else. My current blooming flowers,
I’ve been wanting one of the blue orchids since they came out, so when I saw one on sale, I grabbed it. I’m hoping the next time I get down to Bachman’s, they have their orchids on sale. Last time I was in there, I walked in, saw the new orchids, and my mouth dropped and I gasped. They had peachy orange ones, and white with peachy orange. They were drop-dead gorgeous!
This year’s amaryllis have really been spread out, I’m not sure why. I’ve still got amaryllis bulbs that haven’t sprouted, and they usually do that much earlier.
Baltimore orioles, bright, brash, and loud,
And Suka, trying to sleep in the recliner, being such a silly boy!