Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is the kind of handles our doors have,


Yesterday after chores, Christian took the truck down to do the mail and I was in the bobcat cleaning up snow, and out comes Suka, our husky, and my little dog Pip. Suka headed for the barn (and the chickens) and Pip danced around the bobcat. In a hurry to get Suka, I turned off the bobcat with the bucket up. Well, you can't open the door with the bucket up. Turned the engine on, tried lowering the bucket, and it wouldn't go down (safety feature, unless the safety bar in down in the locked position and your butt firmly in the seat, hydraulics won't work). Slammed the safety bar down, still no hydraulics, turned the engine off, see Suka come running back (no chicken in his mouth, thank goodness), turned the engine back on, hydraulics worked, put the bucket down, turned the engine off and opened door, couldn't get the door open because I hadn't lowered the bucket enough. Turn the engine back on, lowered the bucket, turned it off and climbed out of the bobcat and by this time, Christian was back, so we got both dogs in the house.

He went to turn off the water to the stock tank, I climbed back into the bobcat and started again, and out bounds Suka with Pip right after him.

Our back door to the garage has to be closed tightly because the weatherstripping bulges out (on my list of things to do is to replace it all). So both Christian and I figured he hadn't closed the door tightly enough when he put the dogs back in. So back in with the dogs, Christian went in, I went to move the van so I could clear out the snow in front of the garage. Out bound the dogs again! I honked the horn to get Christian to come back out, he came out, I was mad and grabbed a pliers to try to pull the weatherstripping off of the door. Didn't work.

Went back out into the garage, Christian behind me, and we heard a scratching on the door, and out comes Suka with Pip right after him. Christian and I looked at each other and it dawned on us that Suka was getting the door open by scratching on the handle until it opened. We knew that he had done that on one of the bedroom doors before, but figured it was just an accident.

So now I have a dog, a chicken killer and a cat chaser, who knows how to open the door to go outside.

Looks pretty innocent, doesn't he?