Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's been a long week. Monday night at a little after 10 pm Lukas had a seizure, his first in 2 years and 11 months, to the day. It was a bad one, his lips were turning purple and blood was coming from his mouth where he bit it.

The big bad monster had indeed returned.

I gave him a dose of Diastat just a few minutes after it started. We're supposed to wait 10 min., but after seeing the blood I had Christian get the Diastat. After 10 minutes without it stopping, we gave him another dose. Then after 10 minutes I had David call the ambulance. It was a few minutes after that the Diastat started to take affect. The ambulance took forever to get here; David thinks they went by their GPS and ended up in the housing development south of us, just on the other side of our pasture. I decided to have them take him in to get him checked out, because he was running a fever (the doctor at the ER told me that the seizure could have caused that. I didn't know that.)

So they loaded him up, without any argument at all about taking him to Monticello instead of Princeton, and took him out to the ambulance. They got an IV into him without too much trouble, surprisingly. He was semiconscious by then. We got going, and I figured it was a good time to let loose (without the screaming I really wanted to do), and bawled half the way there and got it out of my system. Or at least it was out of my system until they tried taking blood at the hospital, and couldn't find a vein in either arm. Poking and digging, and Lukas going 'Ow, ow, ow!' I couldn't stand that and started leaking again. They finally put a hot pack on his foot and got some blood from there, not enough for a blood level though, so he has to go to the clinic tomorrow where they'll try again to get enough blood for it. David is going to take him in for that.

Turns out he had strep throat, and the fever is what set off the seizure. They gave him a choice between a shot or pills, and brave boy that he is, he chose the shot after I told him he would feel better quicker with the shot.

We got home about 4 am, would have been sooner, but Christian got lost and took a wrong turn on his way to pick us up. Not complaining, though. My eyesight isn't too good at night anymore, and I prefer not to drive after dark.

So this week has just been recovery mode. Lukas is doing just fine now, pretty much back to normal.

I've been in such a goofy mood, with the greatest urge to go shopping. Just what I need to do, haven't gotten the real estate taxes completely paid, bills up the ying ying, and there'll be more with the ambulance and ER bill. Well, I'm trying to spend moderately. I bought a used soda siphon on ebay, $20 compared to $100 new, for making my own pop. Actually, there's a cheaper way of doing it, but I didn't feel like hooking up bottles and hoses, mixing vinegar and baking soda and shaking bottles.

I annealed a load of beads, and was happy with a few of them. I've been trying to make owls, and a couple of them turned out pretty nice.

Another good thing, the floor of my studio is done! I really like it, and it's nice and easy to clean.

The boys started on my kitchen countertop now. The sink was really sinking, and it was definitely time to replace the counter. It's going to be black marble tiles.

Well, it's after 9, so I can go to bed now and not feel decadent! Goodnight all.