Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I went to my first physical therapy appt. yesterday. She says that I have a pinched nerve in my neck, so she did traction and ultrasound and heat packs, and also sent a note to the doctor to ask about getting me on a stronger pain medication. The tears must have been an indication that the Vikodin wasn't doing it...

The orioles and hummingbirds are back!! I've got 2 pairs of orioles hanging around my feeders. The first one that came to the feeder couldn't figure out how to get to the nectar, so I put out some oranges with grape jelly to keep them around. The 2nd picture shows the male eating from the orange and the female sitting on the rail.

Today it's supposed to be really nice, warm and mostly sunny. It'll be a good day to go lay out in the hammock and soak up some sun. And get my asparagus plants planted, and get some quack grass pulled up, and some roses pruned, and get another pot filled with dirt to plant some calla lilies in. OK, I've got my list, now I'll see how much of it I get done besides laying in the hammock!