Thursday, July 24, 2008


Haven't been accomplishing too much lately with my beads. Too hot (bad excuse, since anything over 70° is too hot). But my lilies are blooming. Here's a couple of photos:

Worked on Teddy's feet last night (my pony, who has hypergrowth in his feet, and won't stand still for a farrier. The last farrier took an hour and a half to do him, and was supposed to come back to do my horse. He never showed and never called). I picked up a Small Farmer's Journal last time I was at Borders, and it had some drawings of stands for holding horses for farrier work.

I got to thinking and picked up some railroad ties and 2x10s and had the boys make a stand for me. I use an old hammock with a foam piece to hold him up so he can't go down on this knees. It works pretty nifty! Where before a tenth of the time was actually spent clipping him, now once I get him in there I can clip and file away. Much easier on him and on me.

We've got a load of hay coming in Saturday. That will be nice to have that done with. I'm still looking for a calf to pick up for next year's freezer (Sally had a heifer calf this year, so we'll keep her for breeding stock), and it's time to start watching Sally a bit closer to catch her in heat so I can get the AI guy out here. That's one thing that was really nice about her mother, Suzy. She was really easy to catch in heat. She'd start looking at Teddy with a certain gleam in her eye, and would take the first opportunity to mount him.

OK, that's been my day so far...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Quite nice weather this morning. It's in the 60s and a nice breeze. Perfect weather!!!!

The boys were up last weekend to work on the living room/library. We got it all cleaned out and they laid the cement board. Next weekend they're going to tile it. It's going to have marble tile in the corner where the chimney is. I have Mom's wood burning stove that they used when she was growing up, and that's where it's going to go. The rest of the room is going to be tiled in a creamy tan 16" tile. When they're done with that I'm going to have them help build floor to ceiling enclosed bookshelves and that's going to be my library.