Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More flower photos, a gorgeous rich velvety red Gilmore amaryllis,

And some more beads,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of pretty flower pictures tonight. I’m getting the spring bug. We’re had really warm weather the last couple of days, and the snow is melting.

Christian thought if he held up Chunk by the amaryllis, it would give a better idea of how huge these blossoms are. Chunk had other ideas, like chomp!
The other Peacock Blossom bud has opened,

And a gorgeous Red Lion,

Another shot of the Minerva, or it this a Gilmore? I didn’t label the bulb.

The red-bellied woodpecker came back,

Stupid pet photos! This is Chunk flying through the air trying to get into the garbage can (he jumped from the litter box bucket),
And here’s Suka in his new snow box. He outgrew the other one. He does love his snow!

Bead photos,
And thanks again to Amy, AK Designs, for writing the tutorial on how to make these beads!