Thursday, August 02, 2012

One more day of this beastly hot weather, Saturday night a cold front is coming in. I do NOT do well in the heat.
I started the foal drawing over, the smudged one was just too damaged. Scancopy-2012-08-2-17-30.png
I’ve been trying to get back into coring some of my beads, and here’s the latest:
Pet photos, Suka playing with Chunk,
and Pyr getting introduced to the cows,
Here’s Chuck checking out Suka,
and one of my favorites,
And a picture of one of the baby orioles,

Monday, July 30, 2012

I think the next time I get an order from Amazon that I didn’t order, I’ll just donate it to Goodwill. In May I ordered a wood baby gate to keep Pip from going into Lukas’ bedroom while he was still sleeping. $17.99. Works just fine! The next week I got a baby stroller delivered. Didn’t order it, was completely puzzled! I called Amazon, and was asked (in an accent that was really difficult to understand) if someone ordered it for me as a gift. I don’t think so! Somehow, the order number for the baby gate had became attached to the stroller in Amazon’s computer system.

Amazon sent me a return label, which I used to return the stroller. All good, I thought, only 15 minutes wasted on the phone. But then I get a refund for $17.99 on my credit card! So I called Amazon, explained everything, another 15 minutes spent on the phone trying to get everything straightened out. So they sent me an email requesting me to go onto Amazon’s website and give permission to take the $17.99 back out of my credit card. Which I did.

Then earlier this month, I get an email from Amazon reminding me to return the baby gate! OK, I’m really starting to get tired of this. I ignored it. Today I got an email telling me that since I didn’t return the baby gate, they were charging my credit card $17.99. Now I’m getting ticked!! So back onto the phone, trying to explain the whole convoluted mess to someone with an accent that makes it difficult to understand.

Hopefully it is now resolved. I WILL be watching my credit card closely for a $17.99 charge.