Wednesday, October 22, 2008


OK, too tired to do much of anything besides sit on the computer, so I'll post some things I've been thinking about writing instead of just letting it sit inside of my head.

Let me see, there was last week when Christian and I went down to Fleet Farm to pick up feed, nipples and bottles. On the way back I drove, and we stopped at Burger King for some lunch. So I'm driving along (city streets and not the freeway, thank goodness), and see something moving on the windshield, look up and there's a big spider on the inside of the windshield! I HATE spiders!!!!! So I quick pull over into a parking lot and at the same time I'm yelling 'Christian, Christian!!' After we got stopped and I jumped out, I told him what I saw. He came around and got in and saw it and tried killing it with a napkin. There's a freaking space between the windshield and the ceiling of the car!!!! And guess where the spider went!! So I stuffed some napkins up in there the whole way across my side of the windshield.

OK, so there we are driving down the road again, and the spider comes out on Christian's side of the windshield! He grabs a napkin and tries to kill it, it slides down a web (and where the heck did that web come from or can they spin that fast?). He breaks the web trying to kill it and it falls into the Burger King bag into the fries! He gets it out of the fries and finally kills it, and then eats the fries!!!! EEEWWWWWW!

Well, at least the spider is dead.

And then there's the calves. They have the scours (the runs), and today is their first day on antibiotics. They're about a week and a half old, at least, and I've been introducing them to grain. The way you do that is when they've finished their bottle, you take some grain in your hand and stick your fingers in their mouth (they're looking for more milk, so that's not hard to get them to do that). OK, now Burger is the only one who has gotten to like the grain so far, but the other two don't much care for it, so you have to try to pry open their mouth and dribble a few grains in there (Calves have SHARP teeth, and it doesn't help that I have a cut on my left index finger and a scrape on the right index finger).

So there I am, dribbling grain as fast as I can into Burger's mouth, who is bumping and pushing me for more, and also trying to get some grain into Fries and Shake, who would rather suck on Burger's or each other's, how do I say this, male reproductive organ! They know that there should be an udder somewhere between the front and back legs of a four legged creature, and if there's something hanging down, they'll try sucking on it. So it gets to be quite a fiasco, trying to feed Burger, pry open the other two mouths to get grain in them, and detaching them from things they shouldn't be sucking on, and at the same time trying to stay away from their rear ends, because when something comes out from that end right now, it comes out! Yuck!

What a zoo...

Today I went down to Walmart to pick some stuff up. I don't get out much anymore, because Christian does the weekly shopping. Twenty years ago I was making $20 an hour doing house drawings for builders and was by default the computer tech at work, and now I'm feeling positively giddy browsing the tea isle at Walmart. Pathetic!

I'm not complaining, though. I've got it as good as it can get in this system, fairly healthy, a regular income, a roof over my head, land of my own (and the bank's).

Wait a minute, I can too complain! It was sleeting today! Winter is coming! NO, NO, NO!!! Oh well, I'm not going to think about it...