Saturday, March 01, 2014

It has been a rough winter here, like so much of the rest of the country. What’s been different for us is not the amount of snow, although we’ve had enough of that, but the repetitive waves of frigid air. Normal high this time of year is in the 30s, instead last night it was -15°, with that bitterly cold northwest wind.

I went down to the cities Wednesday and bought a used bobcat, which hopefully will be delivered Monday.
By the time I got back home four hours later, our driveway was drifted shut. I called Christian to see if he could get through with the truck, but it got stuck, so I parked our van at our neighbor’s and Christian hauled groceries back to the house on the sled.
Yup, definitely stuck, and hung up on solidly packed snow. Thank goodness our neighbor was home, so he fired up his bobcat and cleared out our driveway Thursday. We had to dig out quite a bit of snow from underneath the truck to get it out. And even better, Friday the propane truck came and we got enough propane to hopefully last until spring, which can’t come soon enough!

I’m still working on my butterfly drawing, it’s progressing slowly but surely.
Suka gets to lick out the containers of sour cream, and here he is happily napping with the latest container,
And some funny Internet pics,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It is just wicked, wicked cold, with a NW wind whipping. Sigh, just about March, just about spring...