Sunday, November 11, 2012

Suka, my husky, has a pretty intense prey drive. He likes to chase anything that moves, especially cats and chickens. I have a cat who likes to just stay in my studio, although it's open to the rest of the house. So Suka was in my studio, Honey (the cat) went to jump up on the desk, he grabbed her tail, she grabbed the kiln, and Suka pulled them both down onto the floor.

The kiln's top is a bit wonky now, a chunk of firebrick got taken out inside, but it still works, or at least it fires up. If that darned dog weren't so darned cute, I'd shoot him!DSC07164-2012-11-11-10-17.JPG
ETA: Someone was worried about the cat, and suggested I check her tail. Here she is on the desk behind my computer monitor,
and here she is after I checked her tail.
I don’t think she appreciated my concern.