Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just thoughts for the day:

Watching the news about the health care bill being passed. They said the Republicans are saying that it’s unconstitutional to require everyone to have health insurance. Ah, excuse me, but doesn’t our government require us to have car insurance? I know Minnesota requires it. Is that unconstitutional? I don’t hear anyone in Congress complaining about that. And considering that I just used our car insurance to get a jump for our van, and that it’s the first time in years that I’ve put in a claim, I KNOW that we have claims for our health insurance (what little they pay for, ha ha), a lot more than that.

Another thought, driving at night with prism glasses is just as bad as driving at night without them. My left eye is going wonkers, so the eye doctor gave me a pair of prism glasses to help me see to drive, which they do. But after getting stuck down in the cities because the van wouldn’t start and then having to drive home in the dark, I discovered that those little prisms in the glass act just like prisms, they make oncoming headlights show up as flashing rainbows.

And the final thought for now, I CANNOT have my new embroidery machine and the cat litter box on the same end of the room. When the kittens hear the embroidery machine going, they like to come and watch it move by itself, and it seems like all that action stimulates their bowels. You get my drift?

Oh, the final, final thought: I HATE WINTER!!!! 12-18“ of snow today.