Saturday, May 05, 2012

The boys were up to work on the fencing, but it got cut short because of storms moving through again. We’ve had 4” of rain in the past few days, with more coming. It’s disconcerting to look at the radar and see the storms moving east, and look out at the clouds moving west.
I saw a different bird today, a white throated sparrow, but he didn’t stay long enough for me to get a photo, so here’s one from,
I’m still playing with making murrini, up to 117 tests now. Here’s some that came out nice,
And here’s a new bead,

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I have a phobia about spiders, especially the ones that don’t stay in their corner catching mosquitoes. Black jumping ones and wolf spiders are an instant ‘YEEEEEK!’

I was cleaning the greenhouse on my deck and walking around in the house this afternoon, and got an apple and went to lay down. Long pants and socks on, laying in my bed, I felt something on the back of my upper leg. Instantly thought, tick! since I had been out working on the fencing, so I got up, took my pants off and was looking inside the leg. Just guess what was in my pants. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! It was a jumping black spider. Christian so kindly took care of it for me.

The fencing is on the downhill slide. The major parts of the 40 square are done, just a couple of short spots around the house and barn, and then on the 5 acre strip we’ve still got corner posts and wire to lay. Hopefully this weekend the boys will come up and we’ll get a gate hung and then we’ll be able to open one new pasture to the cows. They’ll enjoy exploring.

Oh, crap, tornado sirens are going off.

It’s going to be a long night, there’s a line of storm cells down to Kansas. The sirens were going on and off for a good half hour, but we just had some heavy rain. That little black dot right in the middle of the first photo is an eagle. A downdraft caught him and he came twirling down, then he recovered and flew back up into it.
More photos, we had a downpour, over an inch of rain (which we needed!),