Saturday, August 08, 2009


Jeepers, I can't keep up with Wacky! She's added 5 more people to her blog since my last post about her, and she's going after victims willy nilly now.

Heidi of Jamn Glass, Sue of SueBeads, Judith of Icarus Beads, Lynn of LaffingGull, and Kandice of Air & Earth Designs, all very talented beadmakers.

Wacky is taking up WAYYYY too much of my time! I just yesterday cleaned up my last batch of beads, and to be honest, there weren't all that many that screamed 'oh, neat!!' at me. But here's one that I kind of like, with the striations and the metallic copper layer under it. Monday when I get back to the torch, I have got to try this color combination again.
I've been working with a nice blue glass that never turns out the same. All three of the following beads are from the same blue glass, but it can change depending on how much propane in relationship to oxygen it gets, how long it's in the flame, how much I let it cool and reheat, do you get the picture? There's no way of getting the same results even in all 4 bubbles of a single bead. If it gets reduced too much it turns a yucky grey brown instead of the blue, and if it's not reduced enough those lovely patterns don't develop. It can get frustrating, but when it turns out good, it's really neat.

The boys are re-tiling my entry way. We adopted Lukas' dog, Squeak, from a dog shelter in Texas, and she never was housetrained. I'll put the little stinker out on the line when I let the others out, and when I bring them back in, 5 minutes later there's a little present in the entry way. So they're putting in 20" tiles with very thin grout lines to make it easier to keep clean.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Called the neurologist's office about Lukas' MRI and EEG, they've got the test results back but they have to have someone call me back to tell me the results. Sheesh, so now I get to wait and try not to think about it. No wonder my stomach hurts.

UPDATE: Ok, now I can settle down a little. The nurse called, the EEG came back normal and the MRI showed no new findings. So there's no reason they can see that Lukas' seizures started up again. So on we go, and I've got to get back to making beads and make some money so we can pay for those tests :(

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We'll start with the feel-good part of my blog first, bird photos!!, and then we'll get the dirty part, updates on the Wacko from Waco (actually Woodway).

Here's a young male Baltimore Oriole, like a little kid with a messy face, he has grape jelly smeared on his beak :) I love watching these birds, they squabble like little kids and when a bumblebee is on the jelly, they just pick it up with their beak and fling it off! They are such a hoot.
And now to the latest news from the (snicker, snicker) 'online fraud investigation' blog:
Unique Gemstones by Nora, a Texan again, who sells gemstones. Oh, I was drooling looking at some of her faceted briolettes, barbarian at heart that I am.
And Danielle of Live Laugh Love Soap, a soapmaker from Florida. She makes some interesting sounding soap, go check out her shop.

The snickering came from reading on her blog, "Everyone has a right to know the REAL TRUTH! We will NEVER post or list any business unless we feel they are pursueing fraudulent online business practices. Our investigations might take months, weeks, or days, but we WILL get to the bottom of it!" Dang, talk about living a lie! (She also needs to learn how to spell.)

UPDATE: Wow! Look at this website. Dang! It's all out in the open there. Honestly, I really shouldn't be smirking, because I still do feel a bit sorry for her. I can't imagine living such a mean, spiteful life. But she's hurt so many people, not because they were doing anything wrong, simply for her idea of revenge.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh this is hilarious!! Someone just pointed it out to me, Danielle opened her Etsy shop in April 2009, and this is what the Wacko posted on her fraud blog, "We have informed the IRS about this Fraud online business, livelaughlovesoap, Danielle W.. for her upcoming 2009 filing." She's wasting government money on reporting people for possibly not reporting their taxes in 2010.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Nothing new from the Wacko from Waco, other than her rehashing old victims. Either she's up to more deviltry or more likely, the law is starting to catch up with her.

(Edited to add: Whoops, the Wacko was quite busy today. She added 4 more victims to her hit list:
Gina of GMC Lampwork
Candice of Beadgoodies and Beadgoodies on Etsy
Charity of Sophiecls and Subearthcottage
Stephanie Kay of Stephaniek on Etsy and Stephanie K Naturals

Where does Wacky get all of this time? Oh well, the more she posts, the more evidence against her.)

So today I'm posting more bird photos. The Baltimore Orioles have been gobbling down the grape jelly. I was down to 2 jars of my homemade jelly and had to have Christian pick up a big jar at the grocery store. I really liked this photo, just the pose, and the bad hair day :)
And when I saw this bird, I had to grab the bird book. It is a female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
Well, off to make some more beads...

Sunday, August 02, 2009


The Wacko from Waco strikes again, Peaches4me and daisydog7, both with shops on Etsy. She still blasts out in caps and bold letters that these people have no business Paypal account. So what? A lot of businesses don't even HAVE a Paypal account. She continues to think that you need a business Paypal account to sell online. Duh!!

I find it interesting that Wacky seems to be concentrating on people from Texas. She must have gotten too frustrated trying to file false reports in states that don't have the same laws as Texas.