Friday, February 01, 2013

Another cold one here today, but thank goodness the wind died down. Last night was just brutal, and it was -18° this a.m. When the weather is like that, it gets pretty cold in my studio because of all the large windows. This morning it was 50° in here. That’s one of the reasons (the other is back and neck problems) why I’ve been spending so much time in my recliner working on my sister’s quilt. The recliner is right next to my wood stove, which is so nice and toasty warm. But the weather has to start changing pretty soon, it’s February, and maybe I can pull myself out of my rut. I’ve been getting the urge to find my seeds and get some tomatoes started, and I’ve been enjoying Pinterest and the gardening boards. I’m going to try building a hoop greenhouse out in the garden when the ground thaws enough to dig some holes, and hopefully that will let me get out into the garden a bit earlier this year.

Pyr is certainly growing! He’s about 9 months old now, and he still likes to think he’s a lap dog.
And I’m just about done with the appliqué on the quilt. Next will come some embroidery to define the flowers and leaves.