Friday, March 26, 2010

I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing. My babies are sooooooo funny!

Ferrets are not very graceful little creatures (but then again, I’ve seen my cats do some pretty klutzy things). Chunk is a jumper; he spreads his feet out wide and jumps and grabs. This little chunky boy, arms spread wide, goes flying through the air (all 12 inches of it) and splat, flat on his fat little tummy. Right back up, chattering, ready for another attack on Buddy, one of the cats, my foot, anything that moves. Ferrets do what is humorously referred to as the ‘war dance.’ They hump up their backs and jump up and down on all four feet, chattering. They bounce around trying to get something to play with them, and often as not, bong into something because they’re not looking at where they’re going. Yup, live entertainment at its best.

Here’s Chunk jumping up trying to get Christian to play with him.
Did you know that ferrets sleep 14-18 hours a day? They are a lot like toddlers, they play and play and play, and then they crash. Here’s Buddy sleeping. Gosh, I wish I could bend like that.
Totally off topic here, I was getting eggs the other day, and found not one, but TWO pullet eggs. I had to laugh at how tiny they were compared to a regular egg.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It’s been 8 weeks since David died. Why does it seem like years instead of weeks? He has just been fading away in my memory, and I think less and less of him. That bothers me.