Friday, March 02, 2007


We're in New Jersey at a campground, and it is raining and glooming. I'm going to the King Tut exhibit this afternoon in Philadelphia, and then we're heading west to home.

We went through Washington D.C. yesterday. They have some huge buildings there, 2-3 blocks long. We went right by the Smithsonian. If we ever come back here, I want to go there and spend the day there. The KOA that we stopped at in Virginia has a shuttle to the train to Washington, so maybe next year. We'll see. The pictures I got of the White House aren't very good. After 9/11 they closed off the road in front of it, so you can't get very close to it anymore. But we drove by the Washington monument and the Lincoln Memorial. It was neat to see what we did of them.

And then there was the bridge we went over. I'm not posting the picture David took of me driving. I look like a spooked horse, ready to jump. Honestly, after all of these bridges, the Golden Gate would be a breeze. At least that one is just straight across, not the going way up in the air.

Christian says he's snowed in, and the schools are closed. At least it's March, and the snow won't be around too much longer.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We're at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and our trip is winding down. It's getting chillier already. It's only 71° and it feels colder than that. We're going to jump on the freeway and head to Fredericksburg, Virginia for tomorrow night, and then the next day head to Philadelphia. It's getting harder to find campgrounds that are open. Most likely from there we'll be boondocking at Walmarts. No TV & no internet. Yuck!

We got our propane fixed this morning. Hot Water!!!! Can you believe it? It took them 2/10ths of an hour to find and fix the leak, and an hour to figure out the bill (well, maybe 50 minutes). Unbelievable. Camping World is fast becoming my least favorite place to go.

After that, we went back to the campground and I relaxed, read, and took a nap. That was a mistake. I didn't realize Bonaventure Cemetery closes at 5:00, so I only had about an hour to take pictures there. That is a HUGE cemetery. Following are some photos I took there. The first one is of the bridge that we did NOT go across. I might have done it except for the fact that as we were approaching it, we came out from the trees to grasslands, and the wind hit me broadside & pushed me halfway into the next lane. I had to pull over and decide if I wanted to drive over the bridge, and decided not too; was still shaking too much.

Tomorrow we're heading up the coast. We have a reservation at KOA Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. They have both cable & internet there. The weather is supposed to continue to be nice here. I talked to Christian. He had just gotten in from plowing out from 12" of snow, and the van was still stuck in the snow. Boy, am I glad to be here!