Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted! Blame it on the cold, it’s been down to 0° a couple of mornings. Too many evenings I escape to my nice warm bed with the electric mattress pad and electric blanket turned to high with my iPad and Solitaire. Not the most productive use of time, sigh.

And still no snow, which is a mixed blessing. We got a new (used) snowmobile for hauling hay, but without snow it’s just sitting there. And while I don’t mind not shoveling, the dry weather is not good for my trees and perennials. And another bad thing, the dogs are bringing in tons of sand! Suka goes out and rolls around, and the sand just seems to soak into his fur. And somehow, it seems to end up in my bedroom, on my bed.

Talking about Suka, he’s a ball of energy, and is a bit overwhelming for Squeak, Lukas’ chihuahua. But sometimes he will slow down enough to entice her to play with him. Here he is teasing her with his teddy bear,
And she can’t resist,
It gets really funny when she chases him to get the toy. He just loves to be chased. And here he is talking with Pip,

The big hole bead craze seems to be slowing down, although it could just be the economy. So I’ve been making more small hole beads. I love silvered ivory and the webbing it produces,
And thanks to a Firefox extension that lets me know when Double Helix adds something to their website, I was johnny-on-the-spot when they listed some Dark Aurae seconds. I snatched it all up, and have been making small earrings size beads with it.
Dark Aurae is still my all-time favorite glass; in person it just shimmers and shines. Speaking of which, I’m going to fire up the torch, I’m freezing!