Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Time for stupid pet photos...

with Pip sleeping on the back of the recliner
Sleeping ferrets,
my old ladies, Fang and Bandit,
and the boys, Chunk and Buddy
I don’t think I’d care to be in Chunk’s position. He’s the one sleeping with his head under Buddy’s butt.
The boys playing in the snow...
and with Christian’s slipper and foot. Ferrets LOVE shoes, slippers, socks and feet.

I heard Canadian geese down at the river last night. There’s a cardinal in the pine trees chirping and a woodpecker on my suet feeder. It’s a gloomy, foggy morning, but spring is coming.

I’ve got an order of glass coming this week, one of Double Helix’s new colors, Clio, and another one of their experimental colors. I am really sad that they’re not going to make any more Dark Aurae, although they said they may have some when they make their next Aurae batch. I love Dark Aurae!! Here’s a bead using it.