Monday, May 24, 2010

It’s much too hot to even think about doing beads today, so I’m updating my blog with cute photos instead.

Right now, it’s 91°. Oh, yuck!! I turned on the air last night, but turned if off this morning. The compressor needs to be replaced, and overnight it cooled the house from 84° down to 82°. What a waste of electricity! I don’t want to replace it right now because I’m trying to save up money for our trip out west.

I had a mockingbird hanging around this morning. They sing such a wonderful variety of songs. Here’s a sample,

The boys were up yesterday and cleaned out the RV so I can go through it all and see what I need to put back in there. This is a photo of my great-grandnephew using Chester for a pillow,
And here’s photos of the new calf. I decided to call her Daisy May, since she’s a May baby,
And here’s Mama and Daddy checking her out,
Now, as I said, it’s quite warm today, and has been for several days now. My poor babies have been sleeping just sprawled out,
Gosh, don’t you wish you could stretch out like that?

Now, this is Peaches and B.B. (Bad Boy). Peaches has gotten nailed before by B.B. So what does she do when he comes cozying up to her? Just lays there, thinking, ‘OK, he’s going to scratch my ear.’
Let’s get a little closer, she’s not moving...
Still not moving, let’s grab that ear!!
Hah, got her!
And not letting go!
At least until Peaches started yowling and Pip came and busted it up.