Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It felt like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ this morning,
a poor confused Robin from last night,
but at least the sun was shining!! It’s amazing how my energy level and mood can lift, with a bit of sunshine. It was a busy day, I shoveled snow, made some beads, cleaned, washed dishes, planted some more seeds, cleaned, washed dishes, worked on a new appliqué block, did chores, made some mozzarella cheese, and made cheeseburger pie with homemade crust. I made the crust with lard and coconut oil, and boy, was it flaky! Nice!
And now my back is killing me, so I’m going to be best friends with the recliner for the rest of the night.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, the snow is melting away, which is good, because I’m off to the neurologist tomorrow to hear another explanation for my headaches (allergist said it’s because of unknown allergies, dentist said misaligned jaw which isn’t the case because he ground my teeth to realign it, doctor said it was because I’ve taken ibuprofen for 30 years and it was medicine-induced headaches, not the case because he tried four different meds and still have the headaches). I’ve rescheduled three times now because of snow storms, and believe it or not, there’s more snow coming tonight! Bleep, bleep, bleeping snow! I am so very tired of it. Of the 30 some peppers and peppers I planted last month, only 2 have survived damping off disease. So I’m planting more seeds today. I picked up some heating mats from Menards, so hopefully they will help.

I’ve really getting spring fever! This weekend my nephews are going to come up and we’re going to start building my high tunnel greenhouse. This is what I’m aiming for,



Rescheduled my neurologist appt. It’s snowing, there’s a winter storm warning out, and a forecast of 5-9” of snow by morning. This is so depressing…. I’ve got the fire started, and I’m off to my nice warm, cozy recliner with a new appliqué block.