Saturday, December 13, 2008


What a zoo this morning!!

It started out OK, got up, let the dogs out, got both stoves going, got my coffee and sat down & called my sister. We chatted a while, then I realized that I didn't see my brand new $60 bluetooth headset that I bought to listen to TV without disturbing dear hubby. I knew instantly what had happened. Last night after I went to bed, Christian had to come chase a cat off my computer desk. That stupid cat knocked it onto the floor, and the ferrets got it (they LOVE rubbery chewy things). So I had to get down on the floor and look under the desks, hoping it was there. Nope. So the next step was tackling their sleeping boxes. I have about a dozen small cardboard boxes that I cut holes in and hot-glued together to give them hidey holes. I took the whole thing and shook it a little and heard a rattling, and of course, they have to stick their heads out of various holes to see what's going on. So I tore apart the top layer and shook it. Nope. Tore apart the next layer and shook it. YUP!! Found it. They had tore a small bit of rubber off of the ear piece, but other than that it's OK.

So while I'm doing that, one of them went and deposited a little present right in front of the door to the foyer. Teach me to disturb them! So I mop that up, and figure I might as well change their newspapers. While I'm doing that, another one leaves another deposit in front of the door! Mop that up, finish getting the newspapers replaced and mop the rest of the studio floor. Another deposit!!!! GRRRRR!

Then Lukas starts calling me. A bit early for him, so I go in there. Fang got out!! So while I get her and put her back (instead of taking Squeak out right away), Squeak decides she can't hold it and makes a deposit of her own in Lukas' bedroom. Get that taken care of, come back into the living room, and see cat throw-up. Get some paper towels to take care of that, and see Whiskers on Lukas' computer desk playing with something in the garbage. Go check, and there's Fang! She was standing on the dog bed in my studio and jumping onto my chair, and then jumping onto the half wall between the studio and living room. Rearrange things so she can't do that, and go clean up the cat puke.