Sunday, January 07, 2007


This weekend has not been productive at all, other than making 4 beads.

I'm trying to find a way to be more productive (i.e.: prolific) with my drawings, so I thought I'd try making some ACEOs with pen and ink line drawings followed with a watercolor wash. I tried putting the watercolor down first. That took about an hour (too much of a perfectionist!), and then tried to do the pen & ink over that. I'm trying to get away from doing everything in stippling (takes SOOOOO much time), so I tried doing lines and crosshatching. Well, that doesn't work too well. The watercolor clogs up the pen.

So I tried doing another one. Did the inking first (about an hour), then started on the watercolor. About half way though it, I noticed an imperfection in the watercolor paper, a indentation all the way through the length of the paper, which didn't show up until the paper had soaked up enough water to swell. So that one's down the tube.

So now I'm going to try doing one more. I'm starting on it tonight, and will try to finish it up tomorrow. I have to run the RV down to Rogers to get the oil changed and the brakes and radiator checked out. Less than 5 weeks until we leave for Florida, yippee!!!!