Friday, September 27, 2013

I’m trying not to read the news, it’s just all so depressing, politicians doing the blame game, new ‘alleged’ chemical attacks in Syria, murders, stupid people committing crimes and thinking they won’t get caught (maybe I’ve been watching too much Discovery ID), and on and on and on.

It’s been a depressing day. Christian took Baxter, our oldest kitty, to the vet and had him put down (he was laying on the floor meowing and couldn’t move). We buried him out by Chester and all of the rest. Instead of my farm being named Greyhaven, maybe it should be named Pet Cemetery. I told Christian that sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the pain, and he said to just look at Suka when we go to bed at night.

Jim, my neighbor’s boy who’s biking to South America to raise money for the Randy Shaver Foundation (, stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument. There were two older women (63 and 70) missing there, and they found the body of one the day before yesterday. They think the older one was injured and the younger one went to get help, but she went off the pathway and died from exposure. That country is not to be taken lightly, especially at this time of the year, and the lava fields are rough and dangerous at any time of the year. So very sad.

I really need to do something to get out of this funk. I’m going to see if the torch will cooperate and let me make some beads.

Monday, September 23, 2013

I’m making tomato sauce today, and hopefully will have it boiled down enough to can yet tonight. My neighbor came over to help pick tomatoes this morning, and we filled my garden cart about 2/3rds full. There are some impressively big tomatoes in there.
I was looking at my photos and thought I’d include this one of our bull, Dexter, that I took the other night. He is such an impressive boy!
That’s it for tonight, off to do some cleaning.