Monday, August 04, 2008


It has been just too hot to do much of anything here. I admit it, I am a wimp concerning the heat. My comfort zone is 50° to 70°, and with it in the 80s every day, and black gnats, deer flies and horse flies outside, nothing much gets done.

Elaine and I went to our family's reunion yesterday. We got to see our cousins and my aunt and uncle, and got to look at some old photos. There was sadness in acknowledging the passing of time and the growing thinness of our ranks. Here's a photo of us with our cousins and aunt and uncle:

OK, let's lighten the mood a bit. Here's Fang trying very hard to get out of my studio. She's gotten out a couple of times, so she knows there's a way. The other day she tried climbing on a Rubbermaid shoebox that was on the floor, and tried jumping up and grabbing the edge of the table. Of course, she didn't make it. Belly flop on the floor! So here she is wanting to get out.

And checking out the situation from a stack of books.

That didn't look good, so let's try it from the tube roll,

Getting ready for takeoff!

Success! Or at least it would have been if I hadn't been there to grab her.

Here's a photo of Scott and his dog Vana.

And Scott and Vana discussing the state of the world,

And Vana trying to play with Whiskers. Whiskers isn't too crazy about playing with a dog he doesn't know.

Here's Whiskers playing with Squeak,

And here's Pip, sprawled out on the back of the recliner, at the end of another hot day,