Saturday, July 30, 2011

My dog is such a character! He likes to take paper under my desk and shred it. Grabs a mouthful, rips it off, grabs another mouthful, rips it off…

And not just paper,

It keeps him occupied!

My bronchitis continues to drag me down. Antibiotics didn’t do anything for me, I replaced the window AC unit in my bedroom because I thought maybe mold was aggravating my lungs, but that didn’t change anything. The next step is steroids. I’m considering it.

Another 90+° day here. Hot, hot, hot! I feel bad for the people down south, who put up with this every summer! I made 2 beads this a.m., and called it quits. Just too hot to sit at the torch. I’m in a mental and physical funk, with no energy to try to get something done.