Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, the RV sits out in the driveway, just waiting for us to get the snowblower out and clear out a space on the lawn so we can get it hooked up to electric and get the furnace going. Right now it -3°, but at least there's no wind. I am really looking forward to getting out of here, but I'm going to miss my ferrets, especially Fang. She has really grown on me. When she's ready to settle down, she likes to cuddle up on my chest and conk out. She is SOOOOO cute!

I got the new Glassline magazine yesterday and started reading it while on the bike this morning. There's an article about keeping a daily sketchbook, which I'm going to try to take to heart. It's a really good idea, not only for improving drawing skills, but for keeping track of my color combinations on my beads. I have so many different colors now, around 200. And then when you get into the striking or reduction colors, it's difficult to tell which is which on a bead that was done weeks or months ago. So there's my New Year's Resolution. Keep a drawing and bead diary. And I'm going to have to do it as soon as I put the bead in the kiln, because here are 2 beads I made last night, and all I remember is the pinkish-beige one is moccasin. All the other colors I've already forgotten. It's the pits getting old...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


MY RV'S READY TO BE PICKED UP!!!!! I'm so ready for warm sunshine!!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to pick up some of my beads cheap, I put everything on Etsy 20% off until Sunday night!

(Do you think I'm excited?)


A friend just sent an email titled 'A stroll down memory lane,' and it had a picture of an old school with a tube fire escape.

Yes, that did bring back memories. We had one of those fire escape tubes on our elementary school. In the summer when the school was closed, we would climb inside up to the top and slide down. Couldn’t do it on real hot days though, because the metal was too hot to touch!

Yah, wooden floors that creaked, tall stairways that we’d line up on to file past the desk with the nurse to give our vaccinations (and me crying because I was afraid of needles, and still am!), and the sugar cube with the polio vaccination, the little old lady teacher dressed in dark clothes walking around the classroom with the wooden ruler in her hand to wack anyone making noise (Bill Severson got more than his share. I wonder whatever happened to him.)

We picked up the RV yesterday from the garage, and took it to Pleasureland to get the leak in the roof fixed and a couple of other things done. I sure hope it's a quick and easy fix. It snowed last night, and today and tomorrow are supposed to be cold again.

I've been getting some cool beads made the last couple of days. I like playing with the glass shards and reduction flames.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


It is FRIGID out there, -17° below with a whipping NW wind. Wind chills are around -35°. And I think there's something wrong with the furnace. It's 56° in the kitchen where the thermostat is, and it's set to 68°. Just what I need on one the coldest days of the winter, and on a Sunday. I hate winter...

It was 43° in my bedroom this morning. Makes for good sleeping, though, when you have a mattress pad heater and a couple of nice warm blankets.

Nothing new, even the news is the same old stuff, people getting killed in horrible accidents, by spouses or ex's who have to be the most incredible idiots alive (one made 90 calls to the killer in the two weeks before he shot her ex). The most horrible and depressing news is when children are killed. That is the most evil of all.

Well, on that happy note, I'm off to do my Bible study and exercise on the bike, then to make some beads.