Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, I think it’s finally sunk into Wacko that she can’t go around calling 224 people frauds without suffering some kind of consequences. The lawsuit is in progress, with the usual jockeying between the lawyers. Her lawyer requested a change of venue, the AGLF lawyer requested a deposition, her lawyer requested the deposition be ‘quashed,’ and so on. The court denied the motion to quash and ordered her to present herself within 20 days for deposition, and the court will decide on the 11th of Jan. about the change of venue. She hasn’t posted any new names for over a week now.

The AGLF calendar is done and is being mailed out now. It’s things like this that will beat the nastiness of the Wacko. The artisan community came together and supported each other, financially and emotionally. What did all of this gain her? Some momentary pleasure of revenge against what in her mind were injustices? Compared to destroying any online reputation and chance of selling, dragging her and her mother’s names through the mud, wasting huge amounts of time researching people and filing false reports against them, and finally being sued by dozens of people and having to waste more time and money on lawyers and courts. What a colossal waste!

Enough of that!! Time for more stupid (and cute) pet photos.
This is Pickle sleeping in the recliner. I love the way she has her paws crossed.
Another togetherness photo:
And here’s the stupid pet photos. It all started out with Tiger jumping into a box that was on top of another box in the foyer. It fell over, which scared him, so he took off running, which got the little dogs all excited so they had to chase him. Then I heard a crash in the kitchen and the next thing I see is Peaches running into the living room tangled up in the plant stand. Don’t ask me how the heck she did it! After taking photos, Christian held her while I pushed her shoulder blades in and back through the wire leg of the plant stand. As my sister says, live entertainment.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OK, my sister has been nagging me to get busy and post something, she’s bored with opening up my blog and seeing the same old, same old. So here’s more silly pet photos:
This is Pickle. She is fascinated with watching the fire through the vent of the wood stove. (This stove is an heirloom. My mother’s family used it to heat their house when she was a child.)
This is Tiger, showing an excellent use of the exercise bike:
And here is Peaches, just looking silly: