Saturday, August 29, 2009


OK, time to catch up on the Wacko. In case you're just jumping in now, you should go back to the July 24th posting to start at the beginning of this saga.

She's slowing down a bit, posting rehashes or single targets, instead of her usual 2 or 3 a day. Getting tired of all those phone calls to file false reports?

Lacie of A Sugar Affair, a baker
Robin, a lampworker, of SomethingNew4U
and Catherine, another lampworker, of Catherine Howard Beads

OK, the dirty stuff is done for tonight.

It's cold and gloomy here tonight, cloudy and a north wind reminding us that summer is ending. Usually this time of the year the cicadas are singing, but I've heard just one so far, and my garden was a horrible failure this year. The tomatoes are just now starting to ripen, even the cherry tomatoes. The only things that grew well were the weeds. At least my flower garden did better. The nicotania and 4 o-clocks are blooming and smelling lovely, and the dahlias and hibiscus are just gorgeous! Tomorrow I really need to get out and take photos.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I wanted to try a different web design program because I'm trying to put all the old family photos on my website, and iWeb is getting slow to open the albums to put more photos in. RapidWeaver was part of a package that I bought, so I figured I'd try that. What a lousy manual!! I couldn't even figure out how to lay type over an image! So it's back to iWeb.

We've been cleaning out my Mom's house, and have been finding more old photos. Here's one of my grandparents on my Dad's side, their wedding day, June 13, 1914. Snicker, I can see where my son, Christian, gets his receding hairline from.
And here's a photo of my dad (he was killed in a farming accident when I was a baby).

Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK, I give up! Time to catch up with the Wacko's fraud blog. Boy, is she picking on some talented lampworkers!

Helen of HelensHarvest, beautiful flower beads and jewelry made with them
Kim of Bluff Road Art Glass
Diane of diane7923
Lisa of Lisa New Design
and last but not least, not by far! Barb of River of Glass

Truly a master of glass, which is probably why the Wacko is picking on her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Taking a break from the Wacko for a while. It's early yet, she doesn't start picking on people until evening.

I've got some cute photos. I have 4 ferrets. Ferrets are like 2 year olds, go go go and then crash. And when ferrets crash, they sleep like the dead! The first photo is Fang. She fell asleep with her head in the food dish. The second is Canuke, my oldest girl. I have cardboard boxes stuffed with packing peanuts, hay and herbs and I cut holes cut in the sides for them to go in to and sleep. Canuke only got half way in before she fell asleep, LOL.

And here's a finch. He was so bright red I had to grab the camera. I had a hawk out in the front of the house yesterday, and the stupid cat tried stalking it. It flew away before I could get a photo. What did the cat think he was going to do if he caught it? It was nearly as big as him!
And here's my Stupid Cat Photo of the day. Kittens are so funny, why oh why do they have to grow up?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Oh my gosh, you want to see eye candy, go to Lydia's website. I am so totally in awe of her creative abilities and skill.


The Wacko is really targeting some talented lampworkers! Must be pure envy. If you want to look at some eye candy, check out these websites. As you can see, she's been a busy bee, too, spending all of her time researching people's private information and filing false reports to various government agencies. It's even worse that this harassement isn't illegal. I find her a very puzzling person. Why is she doing this? Pathological liar? Delusional? The biggest thing she's accomplished is to ruin her name and reputation with all of this.

Kaye and Dan of Koregon Beads
Ruth of Hillside Gardens Art Studio
Kristan and Julio of Redside Designs (lovely boro floral beads)
Melissa of abeadisborn (more gorgeous florals
Pam of River of Glass
Yee of The Glass Turtle (lots of lovely silver cored beads)
Sarah of Z-Beads
Brother and sister lampworkers, Scott and Trudi of Tanner Studios and After Dark Designs
Patricia of Beads by TLC
and Mary of MaryLockwood