Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Wacko is really targeting some talented lampworkers! Must be pure envy. If you want to look at some eye candy, check out these websites. As you can see, she's been a busy bee, too, spending all of her time researching people's private information and filing false reports to various government agencies. It's even worse that this harassement isn't illegal. I find her a very puzzling person. Why is she doing this? Pathological liar? Delusional? The biggest thing she's accomplished is to ruin her name and reputation with all of this.

Kaye and Dan of Koregon Beads
Ruth of Hillside Gardens Art Studio
Kristan and Julio of Redside Designs (lovely boro floral beads)
Melissa of abeadisborn (more gorgeous florals
Pam of River of Glass
Yee of The Glass Turtle (lots of lovely silver cored beads)
Sarah of Z-Beads
Brother and sister lampworkers, Scott and Trudi of Tanner Studios and After Dark Designs
Patricia of Beads by TLC
and Mary of MaryLockwood

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