Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Back to the Wacko from Waco. She opened a new Twitter account, Kendrasshop. Does she even realize how crazy her posts makes her sound?
  1. you can get a new license, sales tax permit issued today, start selling BUT the past you can NEVER NEVER NEVER erase from IRS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. we wish you good luck and hope that from now on YOU will learn to abide the laws when u do online business!!!
  3. let me enlighten you about the power of the IRS: with your full name, they know every single hair in your tax evading ass!
  4. dont even think that they will listen to such bullshit of an excuse!!! who do u think the IRS is????????????????
  5. u know why?? u tell IRS, "but Sir, i have done this as a hobby for so many years and oops i had no idea i had to file my $$$$$$$"
  6. let me give u a friendly advise: when u being audited by IRS, dont even show yourself to the audit, send your representative!!
  7. hobbyist? =cashing in thousands of $/year thru paypal accounts, transferred to their personal bank accounts, and not filing as income??????
  8. but oops, the gang of 3000 lampwork bead artist call themselves "HOBBYIST"
  9. when u receive your penalty/fines/audits from the government, believe will be all over the net...u might even make it to the IRS site
  10. but of course, you wouldnt believe what we say...keep on worrying about your website/names being up on googles first page...hahahahahh
  11. of course not just paying HUGE $$$$ FINES...some of YOU might be even imprisoned!! would u like the link to criminal IRS penalty page??
  12. you ALL are in deep shit! just wait 2-3 will be suffocated from audits and fines...hahahahahh$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  13. ...this DANCE is of course, federal level....dont forget the STATE and the LOCAL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Makes her sound pretty crazy, IMHO.

Here's the latest targets on her website,
Teresa, Eric & Penny from Enchanted Dreams Jewelry
Reenie from FlameKissedGlass
Darleen from DarleenMB
Amber from Naos Glass
Donna from CG Beads

And I'm happy to announce that MamaPainter reopened her Etsy shop in spite of the Wacko's threats.

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