Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well that was interesting! Usually I quit Firefox before I go to bed, but last night I didn't. This morning when I woke up the computer there was a box in the forefront that said Firefox 3.2 was ready to be downloaded, but some of my extensions wouldn't work until they were updated. Then there were 4 buttons to click on, one for checking the list of extensions that wouldn't work, then a button for upgrading, one for not now, and one for never. I didn't want to mess with losing my extensions, so I clicked not now. Then I got to thinking, I've never seen that box before. I wonder if it was legit? So I quit Firefox and started over.

Nope, I just checked and it wasn't. The latest version is 3.5. See? That's why I'm an artist and not a computer tech. :)

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