Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What a wonderful couple of days it’s been, with the temps in the 60s and low humidity. These are the days when I can get something done outside and not feel absolutely drained. Our barnyard fencing project and deck moving have been progressing nicely. Last month our bull cut his foot on something, and the vet wouldn’t come out unless we had a headgate to restrain him in. Well, a headgate isn’t exactly something you can run to the store and buy, besides being a sizeable chunk of change, so my son Christian and I had to make some decisions on whether to keep raising our own calves or go back to going to a sales barn and buying calves. We decided to invest the money to keep growing our herd, so I ordered the headgate and started working on the corral and walkway for it.

Thank goodness we have that Bobcat, it has just made the world of difference in being able to do things around here, from pulling up iron and wood fenceposts to moving a deck. Here’s the corral we’re working on,
and the start of the walkway where the headgate will be placed.
Last week my nephew and his son came to stay for a few days and help with yard work and other chores. Here’s the boys being silly,
and Scott feeding my orioles,
I’ve been trying to get Lukas outside to get more sun (he has cerebral palsy and is really susceptible to rashes, so I’m hoping the sunshine will help clear some of the rashes up. The prescription salves sure haven’t helped.) So after some brainstorming with friends Peggy & Tony, we decided to move a couple of sections of our front deck and get it at the same level as our walkway. That way Lukas can have plenty of room to sit at the table and eat his brunch, and get his vitamin D at the same time.

Moving the decks was a little complicated, since the larger deck would have to be moved, then the smaller deck, then dirt dumped to raise the ground level a good 1-2’, then the larger deck moved back and put on pads on the new level. Have I mentioned, I LOVE MY BOBCAT!!

Tony moving the larger deck,
over the electrical box,
and down it goes,
and then, after a few more days of work, back up it went,

Monday, July 14, 2014

“Harboring resentment is like slapping yourself and then expecting the other person to feel the pain.”

How true.