Friday, October 16, 2009


What leads people like the Wacko or Tom Petters or Bernie Madoff to believe there’s nothing wrong with defrauding people who work hard to make a living? A sense of entitlement, that other people don’t matter, that others are there to be used? There seems to be a flaw in the character that prevents them from admitting they did anything wrong, no moral sense of right or wrong. It’s just not something that I can understand, so I have quit trying.

Update on the Wacko? She’s getting rather erratic. #100 was posted on her fraud blog, #101 & #102 on her fraud website, and #103 back on the blog, and then today she posted the names of an additional 87 people on the fraud website. What a colossal waste of time!! And a waste of my time too. The sooner the Wacko gets wacked by the legal system, the better for all concerned. Maybe they’ll put her to work in community service where she can do some good.

#100 was Lori of
#101 was Elizabeth of
#102 was Aimee of
#103 was Sue of

Since she didn’t post any shop names of the next 87 people, I’m not going to post them at present.

Now let’s get to the important stuff of life! Stupid pet photos! This is my studio cat, Honey. (She is from the feral mama kitty from 3 years ago.) She likes to stay in my studio because Pickle and Baby pick on her. She has found the warmest spot in my studio, the hard drives. She’s laying on one, and curled up to the other. Hmmmm, I wonder what the life expectancy of a cat-cuddled hard drive is.

Here’s two of the feral mama kitty’s kittens from this year. I decided to keep all three, since I was able to get them all fixed rather cheaply, thanks to Animal Ark Shelter. And the feral mama kitty is still alive! I waited a week after she was fixed to release her, and didn’t see her for 2 weeks. I thought that either a coyote got her, or that she was so traumatized by getting fixed she decided to get the heck out of here. But earlier this week, she showed up in the garage, wild as ever. I’ve seen her a couple of times since then. Anyway, this is Tiger and S.C. (Scaredy Cat) curled up next to the wood stove, where it was nice and warm.

They are calming down quite nicely. Tiger and Peaches come into the bathroom with me in the morning and talk to me to wake me up. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Snow again. Soft and fluffy accumulating snow. Weathermen are going on and on how unusual this is. Well, it’s Minnesota!

On to the Wacko. It’s quite funny, she has to come to my blog and copy stuff. Two days after I posted the entire list, she started doing it too. She even copied my statement about SortaFloweringDesigns. Yup, a fraud through and through.

So on to her latest targets:
#99 BLISSFULGARDENBEADS, Washington, lampworker
#98 SABRINADESIGN, Washington, lampworker and jewelry designer
#97 DANCINGLIGHTJEWELRY, Texas, lampworker and jewelry designer
#96 COLGANJEWELRYDESIGNS, Washington, lampworker and jewelry designer
#95 MELISSABEADS, Colorado, lampworker

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Wacko posted that she’s reported 789 tax evaders as of 10/9. Too bad she do something constructive with her life.