Monday, October 12, 2009


Snow again. Soft and fluffy accumulating snow. Weathermen are going on and on how unusual this is. Well, it’s Minnesota!

On to the Wacko. It’s quite funny, she has to come to my blog and copy stuff. Two days after I posted the entire list, she started doing it too. She even copied my statement about SortaFloweringDesigns. Yup, a fraud through and through.

So on to her latest targets:
#99 BLISSFULGARDENBEADS, Washington, lampworker
#98 SABRINADESIGN, Washington, lampworker and jewelry designer
#97 DANCINGLIGHTJEWELRY, Texas, lampworker and jewelry designer
#96 COLGANJEWELRYDESIGNS, Washington, lampworker and jewelry designer
#95 MELISSABEADS, Colorado, lampworker

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