Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Since it’s been too hot to work with the torch (or work outside), I’ve been spending time in the drawing room working on my Baltimore Oriole drawing. The feathers are driving me CRAZY!! I should have made the drawing bigger so I could get the details that I like, or smaller to cut out the details.
Too late now…

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a whirlwind of a month it’s been! End of last month Christian and I were out working on corner brace of pasture fence, I was pushing a pine branch out of the way, and it sprang back and a twig went straight in my ear and punctured my eardrum. Talk about freak accident! I went to Urgent Care and then to the my doctor the next morning, where he decided to have some lab work done on me. I’m deficient in Vitamin D again! Clearly my body isn’t converting sunshine to Vitamin D because I’ve been sporting a farmer’s tan from being outside so much.

I went to an eye specialist for a surgery consultation for strabismus. Five years ago she told me I would need surgery, and it had gotten to the point of not being able to walk without wearing prism glasses to see. The next week I had a pre-op exam, and the next week I had surgery. I really wait this ‘hurry up and wait’ business of going to the doctors. I sat in a side room, dressed in a hospital gown, no glasses so I couldn’t see anything, for an hour. By the time they walked me into the pre-op area, I was a nervous wreck (too many bad memories of when I was pregnant with Lukas and going through two stretches of inducement and an emergency C-section). Once they got the IV in, they were able to give me something to knock me out, thank goodness.

The surgery went well, the double vision is mostly gone, and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to wear contacts again and get out of these glasses! LOL, I shrieked when I looked into the mirror the next day and saw stitches in my eyeball! Thank goodness they were the absorbing kind, and they’re pretty much gone now.

My big garden is a mess, just got too hot and too many things going on to keep up with the weeds. The gardener’s eternal hope, it’ll be better next year. My flower garden needs more color and more taming too, sigh. But I do have some blooms, Cleome,


a Copper King hibiscus,



and a couple of new hibiscus, a white one and a yellow one,



Some more bird photos, a hummer,


and Redwing Blackbirds,




We’ve got lots of grasshoppers again this year, which is bad for some of my plants and good for the chickens, because Christian likes to catch them and feed them to the chickens (can’t get any cheaper entertainment than that!),




A couple of new beads that I’m happy with,



and a couple of funny pics,