Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sigh, winter is here. We had a snowstorm Saturday, but thankfully we only got 4-5” of snow. I had to order a new snowthrower attachment for the lawn tractor, and it isn’t going to be in until Friday. The snow was a really wet, sticky snow. Here’s a pretty neat photo of it just slowly sliding off of the hay barn:
My Christmas cactuses are blooming. They are so bright and colorful,
And here’s Peaches, just stretched out on my studio floor,
I’ve learned how to use the video on my phone, so have been having fun with that. Here’s one of Christian with Honey, my studio cat, and one of my ferrets, BB (Bad Boy)
And here’s a video of Pip, When Pip is ready to go to sleep, she does NOT like to be disturbed. So of course, Christian likes to tease her. She’s in bed with me, burrowed under a blanket, all sleepy, until Christian came along.

Photo'd beads tonight, and here's my favorites: