Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hmmm, I wonder what's going on with the Wacko. She's only posted two people this week. Well, Paypal is starting to respond to the complaints. A seller on Etsy was purchased from the end of last month by the Wacko. The seller sent off the package, which was then refused by the Wacko. The seller refused to give a refund, and today she was notified by Paypal that they had decided in her favor. She doesn't need to refund Wacko's money.

Nice to know that Paypal is starting to listen to all of the complaints about harassment and phishing.

I had to take some photos of my flowers. I should have taken them earlier or later in the day so I could have gotten the 4 o'clocks when they were blooming. I love 4 o'clocks, they smell so lovely in the evening. This year I was smart and planted some right underneath my bedroom window.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Slow day for the Wacko. No posts tonight. That hasn't happened since the 22nd of August.
So it's catch-up from the last couple of days.
Christine of Rapunsel's Tower, a lampworker and jeweler
and Patricia of Sacred Art Beads, a lampworker and supplier

Well, that's done! It was a quiet day today, which after yesterday, I needed. My sister, brother and I went down to the family farm to do more cleaning in Mom's house. We found a wedding photo of Mom's parents from 1917 (they look so serious) and a aerial photo of the farm the year after Dad died, 1954-55.

Lukas wasn't feeling good last night. When I got home he had circles under his eyes and was complaining of itchy eyes. Allergies? He went to bed early too. Today he's feeling a bit better, but still sniffling.

Oh, I have to tell my cow story. Talk about stupid ideas!!! This morning the cows were out and in the apple orchard. Christian had forgotten to lock the gate. Well, we got them back in without too much trouble, so I had the bright idea of letting them out this afternoon to clean up more of the downed apples. Stupid, stupid idea! Can I repeat that?

I let the cows out, but they didn't want to stay and eat the apples, except for Sally. So I got a rope around her horns and after letting her clean up a few apples, started trying to get her back to the pasture (forgetting that I had opened the gate in the barn to make it easier to get them back in). Well she would take a few hops and hit the end of the rope, bend her head and fall down. Stupid cow!! So she got up and I dragged her to the pasture, with her running and hopping and stopping and refusing to move. Finally got her to the pasture. By now the other 3 are down the rise eating grass, among the poison ivy. I tell Christian to go get the dogs. STUPID IDEA!! While he's doing that, the cow goes through the barn's open gate and heads back to the apple tree. I get the rope around her horns again and start tussling with her. She hops and falls down on my flower garden fence (it's only woven wire and two feet tall to keep the chickens out). She gets up, hops and goes down on another section of the fence. Then she tries to eat my glads, I pull, she goes down on another section of the fence. In the meantime, Christian has the dogs and is trying to get the others up to the apple orchard. I get Sally to the barn, where she hops, and bounces into the garden tractor cart, which goes up on one side, which causes the tire to shift off the rim and go flat. I'm REALLY getting tired of all of this by this time. Get her into the barn and close the gate.

Meanwhile, Christian has the cows up by the house. We get them headed to the pasture and Chester, the big dog, decides to help by chasing them the opposite way! ARRRGGGGHHHH! So we get them headed around the house toward the barn, and Pip, the small dog, starts chasing them down the driveway. Can you just imagine me with steam coming out of my ears by then? I go put the dogs in the house, grab a bucket of corn, and between the corn and Christian behind them with the bat (2 of them are yearling bulls, and they all have horns), we finally manage to get them back into the barn. Remind me to never, ever, ever let the cows out again.